...or as I like to call it - my favorite mantra - AOM....

There are loads of mantras and catchy phrases one can associate with Mark's drawing classes, but none really measure up to the quality of drawing class Mark Northcott hosts.


In 2011 Mr. Northcott founded Maxin Art Studio. The word 'Maxin' was actually an ancient term describing 'light of divine knowledge,' which Mark took to heart when he realized how closely this word aligned with his business motto, 'Your journey becomes an adventure when imagination lights the way." And in further travels your instructor not only learned about how to infuse architecture and landscape architecture into a drawing class he earned a teaching certificate in Yoga.


This marked a change in how he taught art. Because of the teachings of Patanjali (more especially regarding the eight paths to enlightenment), Mark saw a way of how to coach his students in connection more easily with their imagination! This is key for anyone who wishes to understand 'how' they can more easily start that masterpiece. It's first in letting go of the desire to have a picture perfect image on our paper the first time out. In an era where you can type a few descriptive words into a computer and see within minutes an absolutely astounding image be revealed it is paramount more than ever before that we spend the time getting to know our own imaginations so that we become able to share within minutes what WE wish to express as true art not as artistic extrapolation or visual interpretation. In doing so you exercise your minds in ways you'll benefit from in more ways than one.

As an artist from a young age Mark began studying his craft long before he ever contemplated higher education. Drawing cartoons on napkins was his favorite way to express himself to anyone that would listen. Apparently, the staff at Ranch House Restaurant in Ahtanum, WA were avid fact, one of his early fans reportedly collected every one of those napkin drawings!

Of course comic books are a natural progression towards improving your work. It entrains an artist to learn about history, writing, refinement of your art style, and now engages others in sharing your expression in a way that can arguably become as long lasting as any great tome in existence. We learn about so many things in life, because to necessarily publish a comic book in any format requires a studious attention to detail to convincingly convey a good story - a great story!

How many awesome stories will we create together at the end of this three month journey together? Mark wishes to help you identify your journey through the discovery of your imagination. Below is an eight-fold path to that same discovery - a step by step process, if you will, towards a systematic engagement with yourself that will ultimately serve your communication needs more easily day after day!

There is a certain amount of JOY that may be found from the COMPLETION of a task you have put so much FOCUS into. Deeper INTROSPECTION reveals the level of ATTUNEMENT you attained in the process DRAWING. You smile to yourself, because you know how rare it is to be able to express yourself in this way without first being AWARE that getting to that point resulted from simple DOODLING & SKETCHING - oftentimes thought of as a waste of time; yet you now see how this was the stretching of your creative muscles required of you before doing the work.



1. Yama: Awareness

2. Niyama: Doodling

3. Asana: Sketching

4. Pranayama: Attunement

5. Pratyahara: Introspection

6. Dharana: Focus

7. Dhyana: Completion

8. Samadhi: Joy


Mark R Northcott

There are rules to drawing in perspective, which I can share with you. At a certain point with repeated success applying these rules you'll be able to create field sketches that retain the perspective you see on the paper (or tablet) you're using.


Mark R Northcott

Always working on creating new characters....some get doodled, some sketched into some kind of scenes, and the small few get the full drawing treatment!


Mark R Northcott


We can teach you how to draw from life experiences - be they still or moving. In this case my subject was very much alive, but very very still. Ha! 
You may also notice this model is a kind of popular Star Wars characterization, which is extremely fun to do - applying the imagination to an otherwise ordinary setting.