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Art Classes With Mark Northcott

Register for DRAWING ART CLASSES for boys and girls aged 10 to 17 available online in 1:1 or small groups

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A fun way to start your artistic day.

This is the best activity as artist should get into the habit of doing. Join us for a few minutes every morning to practice your brain to hand coordination! It's a different challenge phrase every day.
All ages and skill levels are welcome to join this weekday event series. See you there!

Residential Pen & Ink


An in-depth study of 1, 2, & 3 point perspective drawings.

Many people have described perspective as being too complicated or difficult to master. 
I will take you through the process step by step and explain what we are doing, and why at each point along the way to help you gain a better perspective on drawing IN perspective.

Birthday holiday


Perfect for aspiring comic and manga artists!

This is a class where we get to explore a more expressive kind of art that allows you the freedom to share your thoughts in visual form. We will discuss Line, positive and negative space, color applications, and style. Not to mention the all-important "script." It's pretty important even for a single panel cartoon!

Where Everybody knows your name.


Perfect for aspiring fashion designers & comic book artists.

In this is class I simplify how to create characters and draw people from reference by taking you step by step with each thing.
Things like everyday kitchen objects, hands, feet, eyes, noses, ears. We will visually investigate things like proportion, three point perspective, and other quizzical topics that you may have a desire to draw!
When you have the ability to communicate your ideas visually in this way there is nothing on Earth holding you back from being confident in approaching other disciplines in life such as architecture, engineering or other design fields, because you have already begun to develop core strengths in the elements of creativity those disciplines draw upon. 
Pun intended.



How to draw comics from start to finish.

Everyone has their own pace they’re comfortable with in learning to draw. I’ll work with you at your own pace with which tools to use, story, timing, and character development.
There’s so much to learn from drawing comic books. Drawing skills are further enhanced, as different storylines demand new things to be drawn. And students also learn more about the period on which their story centers as the story and characters are developed.

garden design


Learning How To Create Places From Spaces

What if you could learn how to draw out your ultimate garden design for your family and friends? 
I will show you how to set up your drawings, tools and resources you can use to do it, and even a little bit about the plants you might consider.

Image by Kalen Emsley

Try An Exploratory Drawing Class

What better photo to use than this? You're in unfamiliar territory, and not sure which direction you should go. The purpose of this weekly rolling Exploratory is to help you create a map to start with!


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